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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Erik Talboom

Job Coach
email erik [at] co-learning [dot] be
Skypeid talboomerik
Company Co-Learning
City (Country) Affligem
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Sensitized

Refactor Mount Doom with ReactJS


As a software craftsman I wonder around Europe to help and challenge people in they way they deal with code quality and good coding practices. As facilitator of coderetreats and legacycoderetreats I have the pleasure of working with a lot of different people across Europe that are passionate about creating clean and beautiful applications that bring value to their customers. These retreats are a perfect way to practice techniques and for me to experiment with different ways to help people learn about clean code and good code design.


Every company that has been building web apps is bound to have legacy apps in their portfolio. And in those web apps there are certain areas that you would love to refactor or replace completely but that is a really difficult task. You don’t want to rewrite everything, maybe not even the entire screen where you want to refactor something. Is that even possible? To just take a part of a screen and clean that up while leaving the rest of the old stuff untouched? Yes it is and we will show you how. With ReactJS we can perfectly rework a small piece of the HTML DOM and plug it into the old screen/app. We can hook the old and the new together by using Flux. And even changing the navigation based on these new parts is possible by introducing the React router.


You need a technical background in web development to get the full value of this session.

Benefits for the attendees

After this session you will have a new approach to refactoring old legacy web apps.

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