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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Ralph van Roosmalen / Daan van Osch

Job Senior Director Software Development / Senior Director Software Engineering
email ralphvanroosmalen [at] gmail [dot] com
Skypeid ralphvanroosmalen
Company RES Software
City (Country) Den Bosch
Time 1h15
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Catching the Good ones


Ralph van Roosmalen I believe Agile is not a process, it is an attitude. To be successful in an Agile environment you have to be creative, dynamic, open-minded, communicative and positive. Be open for change and flexible in your approach. You need to grow your organization's existing processes / techniques and to adjust them. If necessary you might need to create new tools. Management 3.0 is about inspiring team members, team leaders, development managers, IT directors, project managers, Agile coaches and HR managers, who face the challenge of getting their organizations into an Agile mindset. The Management 3.0 goal is to grow and transform organizations into becoming great places to work. My professional values are: Transparency: I believe you should share information with your team members. Sharing information will make you much stronger as a team; you can use the knowledge of all team members and create new ideas and solutions based on the actual clear status Fairness: treat your team members equally and impartially, no matter the differences between them. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect is earned, and the only way to earn it is by respecting others Trust: trust your team members, support and encourage them to be creative in their work, listen actively to their problems and offer them your full support Professionalism: I expect team members to be professional and give their best at work and to have an ethic work conduct. Act as a craftsman, try to improve constantly and to deliver as much as possible, lead by example Fun: work should give you energy; it should be fun. And, at the end of the day / week / project you should feel good about what you accomplished Daan van Osch Daan van Osch is an experienced Scrum Master and has been practicing Scrum since 2006. He started out as a software translator, became a techwriter, software tester, test lead and is currently in management of R&D. In his current role as the head of a large sustained engineering department, Daan is able to apply his wealth of knowledge about lean and agile principles in the day-to-day management of a challenging department. In his role as internal scrum master trainer, Daan has been responsible for training all new generations of scrum masters in his company. He is a firm believer of making a 1% change every day in his team, department and company. Most of all, Daan is about making the people in his organization experience a safe, fun and challenging work environment.


At RES Software, we accepted the challenge to double the size of the R&D department in two years' time and to grow our department from some 50 people to more than 100. Besides our head office in The Netherlands, we opened an additional software development shop in the USA and Romania. We are scouting for people in the whole world and have already brought on people to relocate from Spain, Italy and China. Our prime directive is that we want to focus on bringing the best possible people to our teams. We don't want to challenge the absorption levels of our established teams too much because we are convinced that pros want to work with pros. When you bring a good fit with good skills to a team, it will be easier for them to become successful. For years we have been struggling to get the right people in the right seat in our development organization. After years of experimenting, optimizing, changing and tuning, we now believe we have a thorough and sound process for shifting the good from the not-so-good. In this hands-on session we will share our vision and beliefs, our processes and we would like to have you share your best practices on recruitment. For example, we would like to hear your golden recruitment questions, we want you to experience our recruitment workshops and we want to discuss where we all can improve.

Benefits for the attendees

Finding the right people will be one of the biggest problems in IT. In this hands-on session we would like to open up our kitchen and share our recipes to recruit good people that will become successful without challenging our established workforce too much. We want you to experience our process, to find out whether you would have made it and we want you to share your best golden questions and techniques.

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