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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

email frederik [dot] vannieuwenhuyse [at] gmail [dot] com
Skypeid frederik_
City (Country) Brussels
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Lean UX: getting out of the deliverables business


Frederik is getting back on track with honest and exciting product/software development by living and advocating agile/lean. I'd like to describe myself as a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional worker. I don't like specific “job titles”, the best fit would be “business” consultant, as the past 10 years of consultancy I have mostly been active to bridge the gap (grand canyon) between business and any other stakeholders. Actually, I am in an early mid-career crisis and recovering from the pains of too much sequential software projects. Fortunately life is beautiful and there are exciting times ahead. I'm fast-tracking as facilitator, coach, creative networker. Regarding the paper certifications: CSM, CSPO, Lean UX, Scaling Scrum Fundamentals (LeSS).


Does the definition and design phase of your product consist out of series of deliverables? Does your project generate large quantities of output like business requirements, wireframes, sitemaps, workflows, visual designs, usability reports, etc. – with in-between handovers? Lean UX brings together design thinking, Lean and Agile principles and values to the design and User eXperience process. It’s time to get out of the deliverables business and start creating amazing software! Sounds familiar? Join us and learn about Lean UX.



Benefits for the attendees

UX work is mostly about discover, agile (development) work is mostly about delivery. Two worlds - both concerns are necessary. Discovery never stops and discovery without delivery isn't very valuable (Jeff Patton). As such, “Lean UX” is nothing new. In essence, we it’s an approach to bring together user/customer experience; product design and product (software) development, and thereby minimizing the overhead and eliminating as much waste as possible. Up till today, UI/UX/ product design is very much document-deliverables driven. In the setup of cross-functional team, with its highest aim to deliver potentially shippable software increment; there’s no added value to document user interface specifications and designs to the largest detail. Lean UX brings together design thinking and agile development. We focus on a build-measure-learn cycle, and on trying to reduce the cycle time. Attendees will be triggered to think and reflect about their current process. Attendees will learn about the Lean UX cycle (inspired by Lean Start-up principles). Attendees will learn how to formulate requirements into hypotheses; and how to focus on user testing and learning from that testing. Attendees will also learn about techniques to bring UX/VD people and software development people together. The process will be illustrated with cases and examples (visual drawings). Note: The plan is to hold a "Lean UX" session as preparation (together with the colleagues of iLean).

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